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Things I Learned in May

May 31, 2016  •  3 Comments

Linking up with Emily Freeman's "What I Learned" (monthly list) series, here are a few insights and musings from my month of May:

1. I need a little more goofy in my life. Most people describe me as calm, reserved, not overly-animated. My nickname throughout my years of youth ministry was "the mole" (with service behind the scenes my silent mantra). At the recent urgings of my daughter, I finally cracked open Bob Goff's Love Does and have to admit I've giggled my way (in the adoration chapel, no less) through nearly every chapter. Bob is a goofball. A goofball on a mission of love (oh, and a lawyer/professor/humanitarian to boot). How he won over his wife-to-be with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches deposited daily under the windshield wiper of her car is beyond me. But so are most of his antics and life experiences, including sneaking onto the set of "National Treasure 2" just for kicks. Already half way through his life story, I've laughed, teared-up, and been inspired to further simplify/sillify my tastefaithbuds. If anything I do or say in the foreseeable future seems out of character, I'm not losing my marbles - just channeling my inner Bob Goff.

2. "Reader View" is the bomb. How long has the rest of the world known about this gem? I'm not an incessant blog or online article reader, but I somehow stumbled upon the little lined icon in the upper left corner of my address bar and it has me humming "I Can See Clearly Now" as all the pop-up distractions and annoying advertisements melt away. Like ripping all the gaudy ribbons, tags and foil-stamped paper off of a birthday present and getting straight down to what you really want - the simple goods inside. Try it on any news site and thank me later. You're welcome in advance.

3. My eyes hear better than my ears. One of our Abide study reflections this month was centered around listening. Based on Isaiah 48:12-21, the question was posed, how do you experience listening to God in daily life? My answer initially surprised me, but then made a lot of sense. I am very easily distracted by my own voice in my head (reasoning, justifying, interrupting) when listening for God's voice with my ears. I am, however, easily mesmerized and hyper-focused when "listening" with my eyes. I see God's beauty and hear His gentle voice in the sun streaming through my morning kitchen window and afternoon foyer sidelights - in the bright and in the shadows He says, "I am with you through it ALL." I hear Him in the gentle breeze of the woods on my daily dog walk or the gardenia plucked from my yard saying, "I created all of this, including you, and it is all good." The herbs by my kitchen sink leaning toward the light say, "You too are meant for growth and blossom. Lean hard after me." Photography is my tuning fork to God's voice.

4. April showers are obedient. They do what they are called to do, and I am ever grateful for May flowers following suit.

5. Looks like I'm a slow learner. Obviously if I've only "learned" or noticed 4 things in an entire month I am not paying close enough attention. Truth is, my mind and heart are somewhat consumed with what's coming in June. I am checking off the "post one blog a month" box just in the nick of time, saying good night and hoping you'll meet me back here in 30ish days. I'm thinking I will have learned more than a thing or two, and probably even done something a little goofy.


You have an interesting blog :) some lovely thoughts and words
Beautiful Laura. Brought me to tears
Larissa | The Larissa Monologues(non-registered)
Funny that you mention the "reader view"...I JUST found it by accident today, and was like, "Whoa...this is amazing!"
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