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December 04, 2014  •  1 Comment

A few posts back (in "The Making of a Blog Post," to be exact) I promised to introduce you to the lovely creator behind my new logo design. Rather than simply give you her name and direct you to her website, my desire was to capture her in action and attempt to share a fuller picture of just how gifted this young lady is. Unfortunately, photographs barely do her, or her talent, justice. She is art personified - living, breathing art - that doesn't adequately emanate via glowing screen as well as in real life. I bring you my offering, nonetheless, and proudly introduce to you my beautiful niece, Mary Grace Wolnski. Far too humble herself to reveal that along with being a gifted painter she is a talented dancer, has a melodic singing voice, writes music and poetry, AND can hand letter with the best of them, she was gracious enough to let me peek into her studio over the Thanksgiving break and snap a few photos of her at work, or play, or . . . being. I am truly amazed by her. 

Mary Grace says that "next to dance, I've found painting to be the freest expression of my insides," and that she creates "to stay well." I'd say she is well indeed. She is markedly quick, when complimented on her giftedness, to give all glory to God, and then point you toward her equally talented (and unabashedly loved) family, all of whom you can meet virtually via photos and/or links on her exquisite website ( She is the second-born of eight — 3 boys and 5 girls — all homeschooled and spanning the ages of 8 to 26. And before you go all generalizing and stereotyping them as "those people," there's just no point in trying. They are, each one, faithful and talented in their own uniquely individual ways, and collectively, infamously "the Wolnskis." (I often refer to them as the VonWolnskis, because they could seriously take it on the road and put the VonTrapps to shame.) But, back to the reason for this post . . .

I've found that "summing up" Mary Grace is next to impossible. I've been trying to finish this post for days now, and have discovered that between being up to my eyeballs in Transforming Beauty photo shoots and product shipments (thank you all for your unending support!), and grasping for words to bring this tribute to a close, I am at a loss. So I'm going to let the artist herself do the honors with her latest poetic offering. Thank you for taking the time to appreciate her giftedness with me. She really is a treasure.



life on earth;
the ways, the rythym, the habits, the circles, 
the months that fly so fast they don't exist. 
what are we doing. 
what do we let happen. 

my thoughts spin out of orbit 
into that contemporary, socially acceptable pattern of 
the getting ahead, 
the no name buzz. 

i live in a tent on the ledge of choosing You 
and staying dazed at 
the race. 

i run over the tops of days like a treadmill 
they're trampled, gone, poor things, 
beneath my feet. 

let them rise around me like an atmosphere. 
i'll awake there- 
where there's humid sound, 
loving eyes, 
where we're human. 

i'll close my eyes and find You in the space between winter and heaven

where we'll relay to each other the flesh and the spirit and all the emotions. 
where we speak. 

show me Your decrees 
let me know Your thoughts. 

we're all obsessed with ourselves. 
but You're no respecter of persons- no grid for rank or fame
You're not distracted by those things as You tower like a kind, white pillar 
resting on the ground of the beautiful earth, 
pushing through the void and into eternity.
covered in the real 
the quiet 

so even as the waves that push through me 
fight against it, 
bring me to the quiet, 
rescue me in that way.


Wow!!! Laura you picked a winner to write about and did a magnificent job. Wow, again.
Thank you both.
Nana, Rosalie
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